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00-03-10-002H Chemical Staining Pitting Corrosion and or Spotted Appearance of Chromed Aluminum Wheels - (Oct 24 2013) Wheels


Subject:Chemical Staining, Pitting, Corrosion and/or Spotted Appearance of Chromed AluminumWheels

#00-03-10-002H: Chemical Staining, Pitting, Corrosion and/or Spotted Appearance of Chromed Aluminum Wheels - (Oct 24, 2013) Wheels

Models: 2014 and Prior GM Cars and Trucks

This bulletin has been revised to add the 2014 model year and update the Parts Information.Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 00-03-10-002G.

Important:You may give a copy of this bulletin to the customer.

What is Chemical Staining of Chrome WheelsFigure 1

#00-03-10-002H: Chemical Staining, Pitting, Corrosion and/or Spotted Appearance of Chromed Aluminum Wheels - (Oct 24, 2013) Wheels

Chemical staining in most cases results from acid based cleaners (refer to Figure1 for an example). These stains are frequently milky, black, or greenish in appearance.They result from using cleaning solutions that contain acids on chrome wheels. Soapand water is usually sufficient to clean wheels.

If the customer insists on using a wheel cleaner they should only use one that specificallystates that it is safe for chromed wheels and does not contain anything in the followinglist. (Dealers should also survey any products they use during prep or  normal cleaningof stock units for these chemicals.)

Ammonium Bifluoride (fluoride source for dissolution of chrome)Hydrofluoric Acid (directly dissolves chrome)Hydrochloric Acid (directly dissolves chrome)Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonic AcidSulfamic AcidPhosphoric AcidHydroxyacetic Acid

Notice:Many wheel cleaner instructions advise to take care to avoid contact with paintedsurfaces. Most customers think of painted surfaces as the fenders, quarter panelsand other exterior sheet metal. Many vehicles have painted brake calipers. Acidicwheel cleaners may craze, crack, or discolor the paint on the brake calipers. Damagefrom wheel cleaners is not covered under the vehicle new car warranty. Soap andwater applied with a soft brush is usually all that is required to clean the calipers.

Whenever any wheel cleaner is used, it must be THOROUGHLY rinsed off of the wheelwith clean, clear water. Special care must be taken to rinse under the hub cap, balanceweights, wheel nuts, lug nut caps, between the wheel cladding and off the back sideof the wheel. Wheels returned to the Warranty Parts Center (WPC) that exhibit damagefrom wheel cleaners most often have the damage around and under the wheel weight wherethe cleanerwas incompletely flushed away.

Notice:Do not use cleaning solutions that contain hydrofluoric, oxalic and most other acidson chrome wheels (or any wheels).

If the customer is unsure of the chemical make-up of a particular wheel cleaner, itshould be avoided.

For wheels showing signs of milky staining from acidic cleaners, refer to CustomerAssistance and Instructions below.

Warranty of Stained Chrome Wheels

Stained wheels are not warrantable. Most acid based cleaners will permanently stainchrome wheels. Follow-up with dealers has confirmed that such cleaners were used onwheels that were returned to the Warranty Parts Center (WPC). Any stained wheels receivedby the WPC will be charged back to the dealership. To assist the customer, refer toCustomer Assistance and Instructions below.

Pitting or Spotted Appearance of Chrome WheelsFigure 2

#00-03-10-002H: Chemical Staining, Pitting, Corrosion and/or Spotted Appearance of Chromed Aluminum Wheels - (Oct 24, 2013) Wheels

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