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00-03-10-002H Chemical Staining Pitting Corrosion and or Spotted Appearance of Chromed Aluminum Wheels - (Oct 24 2013) Wheels - part 2


A second type or staining or finish disturbance may result from road chemicals, suchas calcium chloride used for dust control of unpaved roads. The staining will looklike small pitting (refer to Figure 2). This staining will usually be on the leadingedges of each wheel spoke, but may be uniformly distributed . If a vehicle must beoperated under such conditions, the chrome wheels should be washed with mild soapand water and thoroughlyrinsed as soon as conveniently possible.

Important:Road chemicals, such as calcium chloride used for dust control of unpaved roads, canalso stain chrome wheels. The staining will look like small pitting. This stainingwill usually be on the leading edges of each wheel spoke. This is explained by thevehicle traveling in the forward direction while being splashed by the road chemical.If a vehicle must be operated under such conditions, the chrome wheelsshould be washed with mild soap and water and thoroughly rinsed as soon as convenientlypossible.

Warranty of Pitted or Spotted Chrome Wheels

Wheels returned with pitting or spotting as a result of road chemicals may be replacedone time. Damage resulting from contact with these applied road chemicals is corrosiveto the wheels finish and may cause damage if the wheels are not kept clean.

Important:Notify the customer that this is a one time replacement. Please stress to the customerthe vital importance of keeping the wheels clean if they are operating the vehiclein an area that applies calcium chloride or other dust controlling chemicals! “GMof Canada” dealers require prior approval by the District Manager - Customer Careand Service Process (DM-CCSP).

“Stardust” Corrosion of Chrome WheelsFigure 3

#00-03-10-002H: Chemical Staining, Pitting, Corrosion and/or Spotted Appearance of Chromed Aluminum Wheels - (Oct 24, 2013) Wheels

A third type of finish disturbance results from prolonged exposure to brake dust andresultant penetration of brake dust through the chrome. As brakes are applied hotparticles of brake material are thrown off and tend to be forced through the leadingedge of the wheel spoke windows by airflow. These hot particles embed themselves inthe chrome layer and create a small pit. If the material is allowed to sit on thewheel while it is exposedto moisture or salt, it will corrode the wheel beneath the chrome leaving a pit orsmall blister in the chrome.

Heavy brake dust build-up should be removed from wheels by using GM Chrome Cleanerand Polish, P/N 1050173 (in Canada use 2675215). For moderate cleaning, light brakedust build-up or water spots use SmartPolish, P/N 88865218 (in Canada, use 2675213).After cleaning, the wheel should be waxed using SmartWax, P/N 88865229 (in Canada,use 2675208), which will help protect the wheel from brake dust and reduce adhesionof any brake dustthat gets on the wheel surface. For general maintenance cleaning, PEEK Metal Polish+may be used. It will clean and shine the chrome and leave behind a wax coating thatmay help protect the finish.

Warranty of Stardust Corroded Chrome Wheels

Wheels returned with pitting or spotting as a result of neglect and brake dust build-upmay be replaced one time.

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