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00-03-10-003R General Motors New Vehicle Tire Warranty Program and Global Warranty Management (GWM) Submission Information (U S Dealers Only) - (Aug 5 2013) Tires - part 3


When the instructions found in the Owner Manual have been followed correctly, GM willcontinue to cover the tire under the terms of the New Vehicle Warranty, whether ornot the practice conflicts with the policies of the individual tire manufacturer.Due to this policy, it may be advantageous for a customer with Bridgestone or Pirellitires to return their vehicle to a General Motors dealership for tire warranty issuesif GM Tire Sealanthas been used.

GM Inflator Kits/Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

ONLY use the tire sealant included with GM Inflator Kits for temporary repair of tireair leaks. General Motors has tested this sealant and its compatibility with on-wheelmounted tire pressure monitor sensors. After inflator kit use, the on-wheel mountedtire pressure sensor should be inspected for any damage, and replaced/cleaned as needed.

What Is Not CoveredNon-original equipment tires (those without a TPC number molded on the sidewall (exceptAveo and Vibe) are not covered.Normal tire wear and wear out is not covered.

Important:Tire wear greatly varies by both the tire type installed and the driving habits ofthe owner. OEM tires installed on GM vehicles are evaluated for many different criteriaand may have been selected to optimize handling, ride quality, load carrying or tractiondemands. Different types of tires will experience different rates of wear, resultingfrom all of the above factors. No warranty is offered on theusable tread life of the tires.

Uneven wear from damaged, worn or mis-aligned suspension components is not coveredunless the wear has resulted from a warrantable suspension condition. Tire replacementsresulting from these allowable suspension conditions should be included on the samejob card #. (If this is not possible the job card # for the tire replacement shouldreference the job card # the warrantable suspension component/condition is listedon, or be attached).Road hazard is not covered. This includes punctures, cuts, impact breaks, etc.

Important:Road hazard is covered by the tire manufacturer on self sealing and run flat tires.

Damage resulting from driving with low tire pressures.Damage resulting from improper tire repairs.Damage resulting from extended driving on a flat tire (Except Run-Flat and Self-SealingTires).Damage due to misuse, negligence, lack of maintenance, alteration, racing and vandalismis not covered.

Examples of Non-Warrantable Conditions

Tires are returned for evaluation to the original manufacturer of the tire. Tiresthat do not conform to the warrantable conditions outlined in the section above arethen returned to GM for further evaluation. Tires returned to GM for non-warrantableconditions WILL BE CHARGED back to the claiming dealer.

By far the most frequent non-warrantable condition claimed is road damage, followedby improper wear. With the exception of run-flat or self-sealing tires, road damageis NOT a warrantable condition. The following are photos of actual returned tiresthat DO NOT have warrantable conditions.

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