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00-05-22-002N Disc Brake Warranty Service and Procedures - (May 31 2013) Disc Brakes - part 12

Q: What information needs to be documented on the Repair Order-

A: Any claim that is submitted using the labor operations in this bulletin, must havethe Original Rotor Thickness and Refinish Rotor Thickness (if refinished) documentedon the repair order. For more information, refer to the “Repair Order Required Documentation”section of this bulletin.

All Warranty Repair Orders paid by GM, are subject to review for compliance and maybe debited where the repair does not comply with this procedure.


Brake Rotors:

Brake rotor warranty is covered under the terms of the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty.Reference the vehicle's warranty guide for verification.Rotors should not be refinished or replaced during normal/routine pad replacement.Rotors should not be refinished or replaced and is ineffective in correcting brakesqueal type noises and/or premature lining wear out.Rotors should not be refinished or replaced for cosmetic corrosion. Clean up of brakingsurfaces can be accomplished by 10–15 moderate stops from 56-64-km/h (35-40-mph) withcooling time between stops.Rotors should not be refinished or replaced for rotor discoloration/hard spots.Rotors should be refinished NOT replaced for Customer Pulsation concerns. This conditionis a result of rotor thickness variation, usually caused by LRO (wear induced overtime and miles) or corrosion (Lot Rot).When rotor refinishing, only remove the necessary amount of material from each sideof the rotor and note that equal amounts of material do not have to be removed fromboth sides on any brake system using a floating caliper.Rotors should be refinished for severe scoring — depth in excess of 1.5-mm (0.060-in).

Important:If the scoring depth is more than 1.5-mm (0.060-in) after the rotor is refinished,it should be replaced.

It is not necessary to replace rotors in pairs. Rotors may be replaced individually.However, caution should be exercised, as a variance in surface finish may cause abrake pull condition.New rotors should not be refinished before installation. Original equipment rotorsurfaces are ground to ensure smooth finish and parallelism between mounting and frictionsurfaces. If a new rotor has more than 0.050-mm (0.002-in) Lateral Run Out (LRO) whenproperly mounted on the hub, correct it using one of the following methods:For hubless rotor designs, use the correction plate procedure found in the “GM BrakeService Procedure for Hubless Rotors” outlined in this bulletin.For hubbed/trapped/captured rotor designs, refinish the rotor using an On-Car latheand the procedure outlined in this bulletin.Never reuse rotors that measure under the Minimum Thickness specification. In thisinstance, the rotor should be replaced.

Important:If the Minimum Thickness specification is not visible on the rotor, reference ServiceInformation (SI) for the specific vehicle application. DO NOT use any other manufacturersrotor specifications.

Brake Pads:

Important:When determining the warranty coverage (as an example) – if all four front or fourrear brake pads are excessively worn evenly, that would NOT be covered under warrantysince this type of wear is most likely due to driving habits or trailering.

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