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00-05-22-002N Disc Brake Warranty Service and Procedures - (May 31 2013) Disc Brakes - part 13

However,if the brake pads are excessively worn un-evenly, side-to-side or same side/inner-to-outerpads, then consideration should be given to cover this underwarranty since this type of wear is most likely due to poor operation of other brakingcomponents.

Consideration should be given for covering brake pads up to 39,000-km (24,000-mi)(excluding owner abuse, excessive trailering, or the situations that would not beconsidered normal use).Installation of new rotors does not require pad replacement. Do not replace pads unlesstheir condition requires it – excessively worn, damage or contaminated.

Brake Wear:

Several factors impact brake lining wear and should be taken into account when reviewingrelated issues:

- heavy loads / high temperatures / towing / mountainous driving / city driving /aggressive driving / driver braking characteristics (left foot or two feet)


The following are conditions that may extend brake lining wear:

- light loads / highway driving / conservative driving / level terrain


Tool Description

Tool Number

Brake Rotor Micrometer — English


Brake Rotor Micrometer — Metric


Wheel Hub Cleaning Kit


Whiz Wheel®


Torque Stick

J-39544 Kit

Dial Indicator Kit (.001 Increments)


Conical Washers



Correction Plate

Correction Plate — 0.0762-mm (0.003-in)

Correction Plate — 0.1524-mm (0.006-in)

Correction Plate — 0.2286-mm (0.009-in)

Refer to Corporate Bulletin Number 01-05-23-001 for the Brake Align® application chart.

For vehicles repaired under warranty, Brake Align® Run-Out Correction Plates shouldbe submitted in the Net Amount at cost plus 40%. Brake Align® Run-Out Correction Platesare available through the following suppliers:

Dealer Equipment and Services at 1-800-GM TOOLSBrake Align® LLC at 1-888-447-1872 (U.S. Dealers Only)

* We believe this source and their products to be reliable. There may be additionalmanufacturers of such products. General Motors does not endorse, indicate any preferencefor or assume any responsibility for the products from this firm or for any such items,which may be available from other sources.



Labor operation 2480018 — Brake Burnish is not a published labor operation and willnot be found in the Labor Time Guide. This labor operation should be used to claimthe necessary time for cleaning up the braking surfaces for thickness variation pulsationdue to “lot rot” corrosion – refer to Brake Pulsation section of this bulletin forprocedure. Thickness Variation Pulsation due to “lot rot” corrosion occurs when vehiclesarenot driven for an extended period of time. This type of corrosion clean-up is coveredunder the terms of the new vehicle warranty coverage.If correcting for LRO, claim the use of correction plates as OLH. The times for usingcorrection plates are not to exceed 0.2-hr for one side and 0.4-hr for both sides.Guidelines for submitting OLH per General Motors Policy & Procedures should be followed.Model years 2005 to current — labor operations 2420670, 2420671 and 2420760, 2420761,are to be used only when replacing rotors.Model years 2005 to current — labor operations 2420672, 2420762, 2430032 and 2430052have been established for Brake Rotor/Drum Refinishing.For model years in which the new labor operations do not apply, the time for refinishingthe rotor is in labor operations 2420670, 2420671 and 2420760, 2420761.

For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:

Labor Operation


Labor Time


Brake Burnish



Pads, Front Disc Brake – Replace

Use Published Labor Operation Time


Pads, Disc Brake-Rear – R&R or Replace


Rotor Asm-Front Replacement


Rotor Asm-Front Both – Replace


Rotor Asm-Rear R&R or Replacement


Rotor Asm-Rear Both – Replace


Brake Rotor Refinishing – Front


Brake Rotor Refinishing – Rear


Brake Drum Refinishing – Front


Brake Drum Refinishing – Rear

*This is a unique labor operation for bulletin use only. It will not be publishedin the Labor Time Guide.

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