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01-00-89-010J Comeback Prevention Information and Using Customer Concern Verification Sheets (CCVS) - (Nov 12 2012) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control


Subject:Comeback Prevention Information and Using Customer Concern Verification Sheets (CCVS)

#01-00-89-010J: Comeback Prevention Information and Using Customer Concern Verification Sheets (CCVS) - (Nov 12, 2012) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control

Models: 2013 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks
Attention: Only GM Authorized callers such as GM Dealership Service Department Personnel andGM Approved Service Facilities are allowed to contact the GM Technical AssistanceCenter (TAC). DO NOT direct any GM vehicle owners, aftermarket or independent servicefacilities to contact TAC.

This bulletin is being revised to add the 2013 model year. Please discard CorporateBulletin Number 01-00-89-010I (Section 00 – General Information).

Bulletin Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a single point reference and strategy documentto aid in reducing customer comebacks, and the possibility of buyback situations.Outlined in the information below, are specific guidelines, strategy and forms thatwill assist with this goal, by identifying, clarifying and documenting customer concernsaccurately at each service visit.

Location of Comeback Prevention Flowchart and All Other FormsThe condensed version of the Comeback Prevention Flowchart, the four categories ofthe Customer Concern Verification Sheets (CCVS), Comeback Log, Technical AssistanceInformation Form (TAIF), Strategy Based Diagnosis and the TAC Case Call Log Sheetare available at the end of this bulletin and also on Global Connect under ServiceForms.In Canada these forms are on GlobalConnect > Service Library > Technical AssistanceCentre and Vehicle Information.In the U.S. the TAC Case Closing Form is only available on GlobalConnect and mustbe completed and submitted electronically.Dealers in Canada must use GlobalConnect > Service Workbench > TAC Active Cases toreview active cases and to close the case electronically.Comeback Prevention

Comebacks hurt the image of the dealership service department and the image of theGM vehicle brand. GM understands that due to ever increasing vehicle complexity, thisis a challenge. The service department should focus on the following critical areasin order to reduce comebacks:

The communication between the customer, service advisor, service manager and technician.Accurate and complete information on the repair order (R.O.).Always using the Comeback Prevention Flow Chart.When a customer has a complicated, difficult or intermittent condition or concern,use the appropriate customer concern verification sheet (CCVS) on the first servicevisit. Always use the CCVS on second and third repair attempts for the same conditionor concern.

Select the appropriate CCVS from the following four categories:

Automatic Transmission Driveability.Brakes / Steering / Suspension / Tires / Wheels.Engine Driveability.Electrical / Accessory.Use the Comeback Log if the customer's vehicle has returned for the same condition.Service management must review the Comeback Log weekly to identify any trends andto develop and implement the necessary corrective action plans.Technician training should be as up to date as possible.Institute a quality control program that includes service management vehicle inspections,road tests and verification of the repair.Contact the GM Technical Assistance Center (TAC) when necessary.
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