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01-00-89-010J Comeback Prevention Information and Using Customer Concern Verification Sheets (CCVS) - (Nov 12 2012) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control - part 5

For more information,refer to the latest version of Corporate Bulletin Number 07-00-89-047.

Use the Comeback Prevention Flowchart to understand WHEN to contact TAC.Before calling TAC, be prepared with accurate and completed information such as butnot limited to: the R.O., the CCVS, the SI Document ID number, the technical assistanceinformation form (TAIF).Update the TAC Case Call Log before and after each call.Follow up with TAC until the vehicle is repaired, including the results of previousdiagnostic recommendations made by TAC.Close the TAC case using GlobalConnect. Ensure that the closing information is asaccurate and complete as possible.Complete the TAC quality survey.

Technical Assistance Information Form (TAIF)

Answer the questions in the form, PRIOR to contacting TAC. Preparing for your callin advance will allow TAC personnel to reduce your call time and provide quality recommendations.After contacting TAC, complete the remaining three sections of the form.

TAC Case Call Log Sheet

Update the TAC Case Call Log before and after each call.

Technical Assistance Center Phone Prompts

For U.S. dealers the TAC phone prompt chart is available on GlobalConnect under ServiceForms.

For Canadian dealers the TAC phone prompt chart is available on GlobalConnect > ServiceLibrary > Technical Assistance Centre.

Parts Application Issues — Parts Catalog Issues — Parts Delay — Customer Special Order(CSO) — Service Parts Assistance Center (SPAC) Case


When parts are delayed or other ordering issues occur, the service department MUST perform the following actions:ENSURE that the parts manager has requested a Customer Special Order (CSO).ENSURE that the parts manager has upgraded to a Service Parts Assistance Center (SPAC) caseas quickly as possible.For parts catalog, parts concerns or parts application issues, utilize the parts departmentand when those efforts have been exhausted follow the applicable parts support channelsoffered by GM to resolve the customer's concern as quickly as possible.Strategy Based Diagnosis

The goal of Strategy Based Diagnosis is to provide guidance when creating a plan ofaction for each specific diagnostic situation. By following a similar plan for eachdiagnostic situation, maximum efficiency will be achieved when diagnosing and repairingvehicles.

Although each of the Strategy Based Diagnosis boxes are numbered, it is not requiredthat every box be completed in order to successfully diagnose a customer concern.

The first step of the diagnostic process should always be: Understand and Verify theCustomer's Concern.

The final step of the diagnostic process should always be: Repair Verification.

Understand and Verify the Customer's Concern. The first part of this step is to obtainas much information as possible from the customer. Are there aftermarket accessorieson the vehicle- When does the condition occur- Where does the condition occur- Howlong does the condition last- How often does the condition occur- In order to verifythe concern, the technician should be familiar with the normal operation of the systemand referto the owner or service manual for any information that is needed.Vehicle Operating as Designed: This condition exists when the vehicle is found tooperate normally.
Fuse Holder X2 (LU3) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control     Fuse Holder X2 (LU3) Terminal Part InformationHarness: EngineTerminal: 13544833Core/Insulation Crimp: Not AvailableDescription: Ring Terminal Fuse Holder X2 (LU3) Pin Wire Circuit Function 1 19 RD/BK 2...
Fuel Injector 7 (Diesel) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control     Fuel Injector 7 (Diesel) 1 2 Connector Part InformationHarness: EngineOEM: 1928404114Service: 13576410Description: 2?Way F 2.8 Series Sealed (BK) Terminal Part InformationTerminal/Tray: 1928498054/8Core/Insulation Crimp:...
Audio Video Adapter (U42) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control     Audio/Video Adapter (U42) 4 8 1 5 Connector Part InformationHarness Type: ConsoleOEM Connector: 15480082Service Connector: 19149303Description: 8-Way F Micro 64 Series (GY)Terminal Part InformationTerminated Lead:...
Safety Glasses Warning Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control     Warning:Wear safety glasses in order to avoid eye damage.
Locking Differential Cam Unit Disassemble (9 5 Inch Axle) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control     Special ToolsJ-22912-01 Split Plate Bearing PullerJ-45232 Adjuster Bearing Replacer (Left Side)Measure and record the overall length of the locking differential side gear assemblyfrom the front of the locking differential side...
I P Harness Routing - Engine Compartment (Except HP2) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control     I/P Harness Routing– Engine Compartment (ExceptHP2) (1) G110 (XA7) (2) J113 (NQH) (3) Fuse Block– UnderhoodX5 (4) Fuse Block– UnderhoodX4 (5) Left Front Fender (6) X103 (7) X109 (8) X115