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02-00-89-002L Information for Dealers Technicians on When and How to Submit a Field Product Report (FPR) (U S Dealers Only) - (Oct 24 2013) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control


Subject:Information for Dealers/Technicians on When and How to Submit a Field Product Report(FPR) (U.S. Dealers Only)

#02-00-89-002L: Information for Dealers/Technicians on When and How to Submit a Field Product Report (FPR) (U.S. Dealers Only) - (Oct 24, 2013) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control

Models: 2014 and Prior GM Cars and Trucks
Attention: Canadian dealers should refer to the latest version of Corporate Bulletin Number 10-00-89-006.

This bulletin has been revised to add the 2014 model year and also provide updatedinformation on Field Product Reporting and how to use the new smart phone app to submita Field Product Report. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 02-00-89-002K.

Dealers/Technicians play a key role in reporting product issues via Field ProductReporting. The timeliness and detailed information in these reports proves to be areextremely important to the product problem resolution process. This bulletin willoffer information on when and how to submit a Field Product Report.

Submitting a Product Report

Field Product Reports are an important tool that help us collectively identify andquickly address emerging issues on our vehicles, particularly during the launch ofnew programs.

A good rule of thumb when considering when to submit a report is whether it meetsthe “3 Critical Points” below:

Critical Product Concern: Safety, no start, walk-home condition.


Critical Timing: Safety Concern; Vehicle in dealership; Concerning plant build condition.


Critical Information: More detailed information, including photos or videos can be provided to enhanceunderstanding of the issue.

In addition to the examples of critical conditions noted above, field product reportscan also be helpful for communicating:

Wire harness routing causing damage (Critical information communicated with photos)Emerging conditions that have required repetitive repairs with no apparent servicebulletin or PI (Critical Product Concern)Significant issues not typically submitted as a warranty claim (Critical Product Concernor Critical Information)Vehicle operating normally but condition unacceptable to the customerCritical issues found during PDI or with GM Accessories

Service Information (SI) Feedback, not Field Product Reports, should be submitted for the following:

Issues with Service Information (SI) repair informationIssues with the Technical Service or Preliminary Information BulletinIssues with the Labor Time Guide

Important:Do not include personal opinions in product reports. State only the facts.

New Field Product Report app

GM is now providing a New Field Product Reporting app titled “GM Field Product Reporter”that makes creating and submitting reports easier and faster.

This new app is free and available for use on Apple® and Android™ operating devices.Although optimized for phone use, the app can be used on tablets as well. The newapp can be found and downloaded from the Google Play™ Store (Android) and App Store(Apple). Please note that with the large variety of phones and operating systems,not all functionality will appear/operate the same on all devices.


To utilize the new app:

Download the app on your device.Open the app.Login to the app by using your global connect ID and password.Enter the user profile information (Note: You will only be asked for the user profileinformation upon initial log-in.
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