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03-06-03-003C ACDelco Replacement Battery Warranty Procedures - (Apr 15 2013) Low Voltage Battery


Subject:ACDelco® Replacement Battery Warranty Procedures

#03-06-03-003C: ACDelco Replacement Battery Warranty Procedures - (Apr 15, 2013) Low Voltage Battery

Models: 2014 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks
Attention: “GM of Canada” and “IPC” Service Agents are not authorized to utilize this servicebulletin.

This bulletin is being revised to add the 2010-2014 model years, update the Attentionstatement, change the terms Claim Type-B to Claim Type ZPTI, GM Dealer to GM ServiceAgent, Repair Order to Job Card, Warranty Claim to Warranty Transaction, and to updatethe Procedure Information for submitting Vehicle Repairs from WINS to Global WarrantyManagement (GWM). Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 03-06-03-003B (Section06 –Engine/Propulsion System).

Information for Repairs to a Customer's Vehicle, Caused by a Customer Purchased ACDelco®Replacement Battery Failure


The following information pertains to warranty Transactions for REPAIRS to a customer'svehicle, caused by a customer purchased ACDelco® replacement battery failure coveredunder the ACDelco® Consumer Battery Warranty.Warranty procedures for batteries covered under the GM New Vehicle Limited Warrantyremain unchanged.

GM Service Agents can submit a warranty Transaction for repairs to a customer's vehiclecaused by an ACDelco® battery failure. The battery failure must be covered under theACDelco® Consumer Battery Warranty and the customer must have purchased the batteryfrom a GM Service Agent or an ACDelco® Battery Distributor.

GM Service Policies and Procedures Manual — Section

Customer Purchased an ACDelco® Battery

The GM Service Agent is not to submit a warranty Transaction for the battery to GWM. The battery is not to beclaimed as a policy adjustment. All batteries claimed as a policy adjustment are subjectto audit and possible debit.

The Service Agent must handle the battery warranty directly with the customer andthe ACDelco® Battery Distributor. The customer must be charged the applicable usageper the ACDelco® Consumer Battery Warranty.

Beginning March 1, 2012 ACDelco® batteries were manufactured with a free replacementwarranty only. During the transition period the warranty coverage will be determinedby the information shown on the battery label. The original purchase date or the batterydate code if there is no receipt, will continue to be the warranty start date.

Vehicle Repairs

If repairs to a customer's vehicle are necessary as a result of an ACDelco® batteryfailure, which is covered by the ACDelco® Consumer Battery Warranty, the GM ServiceAgent should repair the vehicle and submit a warranty Transaction (Claim Type ZPTI)through GWM for the vehicle repairs ONLY. Do not submit through GWM for the cost of the battery.

GWM Claim Submittal for Subsequent Vehicle Repair (Transaction Type ZPTI ONLY)

The following must be included in the Transaction submission:

Use Labour Code 0600048.Enter all the parts directly associated with the repairs. Do not enter the batterypart number. The total dollar amount is not to include the cost of the battery.Enter the labour hours directly associated with the repairs in the “Base Labour Time”field.
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