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04-06-01-029G Unscheduled Supplemental Services (Including Flushing Services and Additives) and Proper Use of GM Simplified Maintenance Schedules (U S Only) - (Sep 27 2012)


Subject:Unscheduled Supplemental Services (Including Flushing Services and Additives) andProper use of GM Simplified Maintenance Schedules (U.S. Only)

#04-06-01-029G: Unscheduled Supplemental Services (Including Flushing Services and Additives) and Proper Use of GM Simplified Maintenance Schedules (U.S. Only) - (Sep 27, 2012)

Models: 2013 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks
Attention: This bulletin is applicable to U.S. dealers only. Dealers in Canada refer to the latestversion of Corporate Bulletin Number 12-06-01-008.

This bulletin is being revised to update information. Please discard Corporate BulletinNumber 04-06-01-029F (Section 06 – Engine/Propulsion System).

Service is Important to You and Your Customer

General Motors takes great pride in offering our dealerships and customers high qualityvehicles that require extremely low maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Thislow cost of ownership builds repeat sales and offers our customers measurable economyof operation against competing vehicles. Our goal is to make the customer experience a key driver of why customers purchaseGM products and services. Providingresponsible services at the proper intervals supports this goal and will help yourdealership earn repeat business.

An Overview of Proper Vehicle Service

Today, many of your service departments merchandise supplemental services and fluidsto customers indicating that these “flushes” have a positive effect on durabilityof the component part. It should be noted that analyses of returned parts that havebeen exposed to these aftermarket “flushes” show indications of potential damage andshortened durability.

The following information clearly defines the guidelines for servicing GM vehicles.

GM Authorized Service Information is Detailed, Descriptive and Complete

If GM determines that a specific model vehicle or powertrain needs supplemental service,GM will issue an Authorized Service Document with detailed service procedures thatwill identify any machine, tool or chemical required to conduct proper vehicle servicing.Listed below are a few examples of those messages as well as additional guidelines:

Engine Crankcase Flushing

General Motors Corporation does not endorse or recommend engine crankcase flushingfor any of its gasoline engines. Analysis of some of the aftermarket materials used for crankcase flushing indicateincompatibility with GM engine components and the potential for damage to some engineseals and bearings. Damage to engine components resulting from crankcase flushingIS NOT COVERED underthe terms of the New Vehicle Warranty.

Subsystem Flushing

Flushing of air conditioning (A/C) lines, radiators, transmission coolers, and powersteering systems are recognized practices to be performed after catastrophic failuresor extreme corrosion when encountered in radiators. For acceptable A/C flushing concerns,refer to the Flushing procedure in Service Information (SI). This practice is not required or recommended for normal service operations.

The use of external transmission fluid exchange or flush machines is not recommended for the automatic or manual transmission. Use of external machines toreplace the fluid may affect the operation or durability of the transmission.

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