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05-00-89-055D Warranty Administration - GM Dealer Empowerment Program and Goodwill Procedures - (Mar 30 2012) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control - part 4

All such delegation of approvalis to be monitored by the Service Manager or Director, on a routine basis.

The Empowerment Matrix found on Global Connect must be completed to identify the DealershipEmployees who are empowered and the level of empowerment granted.

Scope of Empowerment

The decision making responsibility of empowerment translates into the use and applicationof GM labour operation numbers, transaction types, and authorization codes. It isGM's expectation for all dealers to operate at the maximum levels of empowerment.Each element of empowerment may be independently adjusted among the listed alternatives.Additionally, the use of certain labour operation numbers and/or transaction typesmay be prohibitedfrom dealer use, without wholesale authorization.

Individual Dealer empowerment levels can be found in the “View Service Agent Profile”page on Global Warranty Management.

Empowerment by Dealership Location

The scope of empowerment will be decided upon and set within GM systems. The empowermentprofile will apply to all GM franchises operating at the site. Changes to dealershipempowerment levels will be communicated to the dealer and service management by GMregional service representatives.


Current customer satisfaction and warranty expense reports are available for use inmonitoring performance trends associated with empowerment. As the process of commonempowerment matures, the creation of more specific measurements and reports may benecessary or appropriate.

Current customer satisfaction and expense trend information is available to assistyou and your wholesale service representative to monitor your use of empowerment.If areas of concern arise, your wholesale service representative may offer specificcounsel, or suggest certain dealer administrated controls to be placed into effect.In unresponsive situations, or where substantial risk exists, your empowerment inthe specific area(s) ofconcern may be reduced or eliminated until the risk or situation is corrected. Asthe risks become managed to acceptable levels, empowerment will be restored to higherlevels.

Retail Use of Authorization Codes

Authorization Code A – Beyond Warranty

Goodwill adjustments include the ability to make case-by-case decisions on repairsthat are beyond the time and/or mileage (kilometrage) limits or outside the termsof the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty period. There may be situations where goodwilladjustments beyond the dealer's empowerment level are appropriate. In such cases,wholesale authorization is required prior to the repair being performed.

Goodwill should NOT be considered in any of the following events:

Recently purchased vehicles (used cars, auction vehicles, fleet vehicles, etc.) thatexhibited the condition due to lack of maintenance, wear, misuse, physical damage,accidents or alterations at the time of purchase.Failures covered by an extended warranty or service contract. Goodwill adjustmentsare intended to increase/gain owner loyalty, not to reduce liability of contract underwriters.On a case by case basis, Goodwill can be considered for GMPP deductibles.Repairs benefiting any licensed dealer (including non-GM) for used vehicles beingtraded, purchased from GM auction or in dealer inventory as a means of increasingthe value of the unit or to reduce reconditioning expenses.

Authorization Code R – Repeat, Related Repairs

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