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08-06-04-006L Information for Identifying Non-GM ECM Calibration Use and Power-up Hardware Detection in Duramax Diesel Engines - Photograph Tech 2 Calibration IDs Calibration Verification Numbers (CVNs) and Transmission Data Screen - (Jan 25 2013) Automatic Transmission Unit


Subject:Information for Identifying Non-GM ECM Calibration Use and Power-Up Hardware Detectionin Duramax™ Diesel Engines — Photograph Tech 2® Calibration IDs, Calibration VerificationNumbers (CVNs) and Transmission Data Screen

#08-06-04-006L: Information for Identifying Non-GM ECM Calibration Use and Power-up Hardware Detection in Duramax Diesel Engines - Photograph Tech 2 Calibration IDs, Calibration Verification Numbers (CVNs) and Transmission Data Screen - (Jan 25, 2013) Automatic Transmission Unit

Models: 2006-2013 Chevrolet Express, Kodiak, Silverado
2006-2013 GMC Savana, Sierra, TopKick
Equipped With Duramax™ Turbocharged Diesel Engine RPO LB7, LBZ, LLY, LML, LMM, orLGH
Attention:  This Bulletin is effective beginning February 4, 2013. In order to process an engine/transmission/drivetrainhard part WARRANTY CLAIM, YOU MUST photograph the required Tech 2® screen informationBEFORE disassembly or removing the engine/transmission/drivetrain components fromthe vehicle. Please, always refer to the GM Service Policy and Procedures Manual —Article: for the latest GM Policy andProcedures Information.

This bulletin is being revised to update the E-mail address for submitting digitalpictures to and change the term “Dealer” to “Service Agent”. Pleasediscard Corporate Bulletin Number 08-06-04-006K (Section 06 – Engine/Propulsion System).

General Motors is identifying an increasing number of engine, transmission, dieseloxidation catalyst (DOC) and exhaust particulate filter failures that are the resultof non-GM (aftermarket Power-Up Kits) engine and transmission control calibrations being used. When alteration to the GM-releasedengine or transmission control calibrations occurs, it subjects powertrain and drivelinecomponents, such as the engine,transmission, transfer case, driveshaft, universal joints and the rear axle to stressesthat were not tested by General Motors. It is because of these unknown stresses, andthe potential to alter reliability, durability and emissions performance, that GMhas adopted a policy that prevents any UNAUTHORIZED Service Agent warranty claim submissionsto any remaining warranty coverage to the powertrain and driveline components wheneverthe presenceof a non-GM calibration is confirmed, even if the non-GM control module calibrationis subsequently removed.

Warranty coverage is based on the equipment and calibrations that were released onthe vehicle at the time of first sale, or subsequently updated by GM or its ServiceAgents with approved calibrations. That’s because GM testing and validation matchesthe calibration to a host of criteria that is essential to assure reliability, durabilityand emissions performance over the life of the warranty coverage and beyond. Stressesresulting fromcalibrations different than those tested and released by GM can damage or weaken components,leading to poor performance and or shortened life. Additionally, non-GM issued enginecontrol modifications do not meet the same emissions performance standards as GM issuedcalibrations. Depending on state statutes, individuals who install engine controlmodule calibrations that put the vehicle outside the parameters of emissions certificationstandardsmay be subject to fines and/or penalties.

This bulletin outlines procedures to identify the presence of non-GM (aftermarket)calibrations.

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