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09-00-89-002H Properly Maintaining Vehicles in Dealer Inventory - (Mar 25 2013) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control


Subject:Properly Maintaining Vehicles in Dealer Inventory

#09-00-89-002H: Properly Maintaining Vehicles in Dealer Inventory - (Mar 25, 2013) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control

Models: 2011-2014 GM Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks
2011-2014 Chevrolet Captiva (sold outside North America)
2012-2014 Chevrolet Captiva Sport (U.S. fleet only)
2011-2014 GMC Terrain (sold outside North America)
2011-2013 Daewoo Winstorm (sold outside North America)
2011-2013 Opel Antara (sold outside North America)

This bulletin is being revised to add the 2014 model year. Please discard CorporateBulletin Number 09-00-89-002G (Section 00 – General Information).

Dealer Inventories

Important:Dealers are responsible for the storage and proper care of new vehicles held in dealerinventory until they are delivered to the customer. Extra care and attention to detailshould be taken to make sure vehicles that have spent longer times in dealer inventoryare properly delivered to the customer with no product issues (such as stall/no startissues due to improper battery maintenance or vehicle vibrationdue to tire flat spotting). Damage or deterioration, resulting from improper storage,is not to be covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. For more information, referto the Service Policy and Procedures Manual – Section 2.2 New Vehicle Storage – ProperlyMaintaining Vehicle in Dealer Inventory.

Most customers consider the condition of their vehicle at the time of delivery asa direct reflection of the dealership and potentially the amount of care and excellencethe service department will deliver or not in the future. Therefore, providing thebest vehicle possible at customer delivery can increase your CSI (Customer SatisfactionIndex), and ultimately the number of customers in your showroom and service departments.In orderto maintain a high level of quality, special attention should be paid to the propermaintenance and storage of your new vehicle inventories. The list below will assistyou in keeping your vehicle inventory protected and ready for customer delivery.

Table of Contents

The following is a list of topics included in this bulletin:

Battery MaintenanceTire Flat-SpottingTire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)BrakesProtective Shipping MaterialsChecking / Cleaning Windshield WipersFuel / Lubricants / Oil Life MonitorDiesel Engine Special CareStorage Lot Practices / Vehicle WashingBattery Maintenance

12 Volt System

Maintain battery charge on vehicles in dealer inventory per the following:

At vehicle delivery to the dealership (PDI), test/charge the battery using the GR-8Tool (EL-50313) in the PDI mode. This step allows the battery to be charged back up (topped off) at PDI (for 20 minutesor less) to make up for any loss of charge that occurred during the vehicle transittime from assembly plant to the dealer.Every 30 days in dealer inventory, test/charge the battery using the GR-8 Tool (EL-50313)in the PDI mode. This step will allow the battery state of charge to be maintained, which maximizeover all battery life. Vehicle batteries that are in dealer inventory for extendedamounts of time without being maintained/charged will see a significant overall reductionin the battery's service life.At point of sale (just prior to delivering the vehicle to the customer), test/chargethe battery using the GR-8 Tool (EL-50313) in the PDI mode.
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