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09-07-30-018D Warranty Administration - Change in Automatic Transmission Add Condition Documentation and Claim Submission - (May 10 2013) Automatic


Subject:Warranty Administration – Change in Automatic Transmission Add Condition Documentationand Claim Submission

#09-07-30-018D: Warranty Administration - Change in Automatic Transmission Add Condition Documentation and Claim Submission - (May 10, 2013) Automatic

Models: 2014 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks
Attention: This bulletin applies to all vehicles covered by a GM Warranty.

This bulletin is being revised to add the 2014 model year and update the Labor Operation.Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 09-07-30-018C (Section 07 – Transmission/Transaxle).

A revised process is being implemented for automatic transmission internal repairclaim documentation and warranty claim submission. Effective with repairs made afterJanuary 1, 2012, all warranty claims that require additional labor hours beyond thebase transmission repair time and associated published add conditions must be substantiatedusing the Other Labor Hours (OLH) process. The requirement to use total elapsed clocktime forthe entire repair to determine the reconditioning OLH is no longer required. The baserepair time will be paid based on the published repair time in the Labor Time Guide(LTG) and clock time OLH will only be used to document any additional time neededto complete the repair.

When inspection of the transmission internal components shows metal debris from componentfailure, GM recommends that the transmission be thoroughly cleaned, inspected andany damage be repaired and components reconditioned as necessary. GM will continueto provide compensation for all reasonable additional repair time in accordance withOLH requirements. In addition, the latest version of Corporate Bulletin Number 02-07-30-029,whichcontains information for assembly replacement vs. repair decisions, should still befollowed. Any repair where the assembly replacement costs may be lower than internalservicing should follow that process.

Claim DocumentationAt the point where the technician determines additional repairs that requires furtherdisassembly of the transmission beyond the point of the base repair, are necessary,the technician must “clock on.” Once the additional work beyond the base repair iscompleted, the technician must “clock off” and resume the base repair.All clock time documentation must be attached to the hard copy of the repair order.All additional work, including reconditioning beyond the base repair, must includeseparate on/off time punches and be explained on the repair order along with the condition,cause and correction (3 Cs).A post repair road test is normally part of the dealership quality control processjust like any other repair. If the original condition requires an unusual amount oftime to occur dealers may use a reasonable amount of OLH to verify the condition hasbeen repaired.Claim SubmissionAll OLH must be approved by the service manager.Service managers can approve additional time up to two hours (unless dealership OLHempowerment has been revoked).Additional time above two hours must be submitted for GM representative approval.

The following notes have been added to each labor operation due to this change.

Note:For diagnosis, reconditioning and other repairs, use Other Labor Hours (OLH).

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