Workshop Repair and Service Manuals GMC SIERRA

1-2-3-4-5-6 Clutch Piston Housing Inspection Automatic


1-2-3-4-5-6 Clutch Piston Housing Inspection Automatic

Important:The power take-off (PTO) gears are permanently staked to the1–2–3–4, 4–5–6clutch housing and are not serviceable. Turbine tone wheels areserviceable.

Inspect the turbine tone wheel or PTO gear-(3) fordamage. Make sure a tone wheel is not dented orout-of-round.

If the PTO gear is damaged, replace the1–2–3–4, 4–5–6clutch housing. If the tone wheel is damaged, replace the tonewheel.Measure the inside diameter (ID) of the1–2–3–4, 4–5–6clutch seal bore in the 1–2–3–4,4–5–6 clutch housing-(1) atdimension A.

Replace the 1–2–3–4,4–5–6 clutch housing-(1) if themeasurement exceeds the specification.


The 1–2–3–4,4–5–6 clutch seal bore maximum ID is74.05-mm (2.9154-in)

Important:Replace the 1–2–3–4,4–5–6 clutch housing bushing if the bushing isdamaged or the specifications are not met.

Inspect the bushing-(2) inside the front of the1–2–3–4, 4–5–6clutch housing-(1) for damage.Measure the ID of the bushing atdimension-B.

Replace the bushing if the measurement exceeds thespecification.


The 1–2–3–4,4–5–6 clutch housing bushing maximum ID is78.17-mm (3.0776-in).

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