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99-00-89-019K Global Warranty Management (GWM) Warranty Parts Center (WPC) Parts Return Program Information - (Jun 5 2012) Driveline Control 4WD Driveline Control - part 26

Transactionscan remain in this status for less than 24-hours.

After this period of time, the Transaction Status will be changed to: Pending Debitand can remain in this status for 15 Days, if there is no action taken by the GM FieldRepresentative.

Notice:The Regional Warranty Personnel may change the Pending Debit Status to Debited atany time.

On day 16 the part status will automatically be changed to: Debited and the totalTransaction amount will be debited.

After a Transaction has been completely debited, including any amount that was reimbursedand/or partially debited, the part can be requested back by the Service Agent andreturned at the expense of the Service Agent. The Service Agent must provide the WPCwith the name of the shipping carrier and an account number to charge the shippingcost. Instructions on how to request the part back can be found in the: Test Results- Comment sectionof the Transaction.

The parts for the debited Transaction will remain in the WPC inventory for 15 daysbeginning on the debit date. On day 16 the parts will be scrapped and no longer availablefor return.

Service Agent Feedback

The WPC recognizes the need to provide information regarding WPC results as a directresult of the parts return program.

Service Agent issues with parts inspected at the WPC, such as the wrong part returned,or the part is damaged and not defective may result in a WPC Feedback being submitted.Service Agent counseling and/or debiting may occur as a result. In addition, inspectioncomments may be available for review in the GWM system.

Post Inspection - WPC Feedback Process

Parts that require further investigation by the GM Field representative will resultin the status being changed to: WPC Feedback Process - Info Only. They will remain in this status for 6 months and the GM Field Representative canchange this status at any time.

10. Failed Part With a Core - Return Policy

Core Return Policy

All warranty failed parts with a core must be retained 1 day after the Transactionis paid, unless requested by the WPC. All WPC Part Return Requests take priority over returning core parts to the Core ProcessingCenter. If the core part is requested by the WPC in the GWM system or through a WPC SpecialPart Request, then the core should be returned to the WPC immediately. If not requestedby the WPC then thecore MUST be returned to the Core Processing Center within 21 days after the Transaction ispaid.

Transactions will be debited if the requested cores are not returned to the WPC.

The Service Agent must submit for core reimbursement using the Global Warranty Systemfor any core part sent to the WPC. Refer to Section 1.A WPC Return Reimbursement -Net Item Charges.

Any core Product Feedback Forms that were received with a replacement part MUST be completed and returned with the part and the Job Card to the WPC.

When the core amount is reimbursed through the Transaction payment, the Service Agentshould make a manual journal entry to transfer the core reimbursement amount fromthe warranty reimbursement account to the parts account.

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