Workshop Repair and Service Manuals GMC SIERRA

Electronic Navigation Antenna Replacement


Electronic Navigation Antenna Replacement

Electronic Navigation Antenna Replacement


Component Name

Preliminary ProcedureRemove the instrument panel (I/P) upper trim pad. Refer toInstrument Panel Upper Trim Panel with Windshield Defroster Nozzle Grille Replacement.Remove the radio. Refer toRadio Replacement.


Radio Antenna Module Assembly

ProcedureDisconnect the antenna module from the radio.Disconnect the extension cable from the center HVACduct.
Radio Front Speaker Grille Replacement     Radio Front Speaker Grille Replacement Callout Component Name 1 Front Speaker Grille 2 Front Speaker Grille Retainer Clip (Qty:-4)
PI0086E Unexpected Loss of Radio Audio (Radio Goes Silent No Sound) and Other Blackberry Phone - Bluetooth Issues - (May 28 2013)     Subject: Unexpected Loss of Radio Audio (Radio Goes Silent/No Sound) and Other Blackberry®Phone - Bluetooth® Issues Models:  2009 Buick Allure 2009-2012 Buick Lucerne 2009-2013 Buick Enclave, LaCrosse...
OnStar Description and Operation - part 3     If the LED does not illuminate, this may indicate that the customers OnStar® subscriptionis not active or has expired. Push the blue OnStar button to connect to an advisorwho can then verify the account status. Each LED is...
Radio Speaker Amplifier Replacement     Radio Speaker Amplifier Replacement Callout Component Name 1 Front Floor Console Screw (Qty:-8) Caution:Refer toFastener Caution. Tighten 9-Y(80-lb-in) 2 Front Floor Console Assembly Refer toFront Floor...
PIC3278E OnStar® - Unwanted Or Phantom Phone Calls - (Jan 4 2012)     Subject: OnStar® - Unwanted Or Phantom Phone Calls Models:  2000 - 2013 All GM Passenger Car and Light Duty Trucks With OnStar Gen6, Gen7, Gen8, or Gen9 This PI was superseded to update condition/concern...
OnStar Description and Operation - part 2     When pressed, each button completesa circuit across a resistor allowing a specific voltage to be returned to the telematicscommunication interface control module on the keypad signal circuit. Depending uponthe voltage range...