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Engine Coolant


The cooling system in the vehicle is filled with DEX-COOL® engine coolant. This coolantis designed to remain in the vehicle for 5-years or 240-000-km (150,000-mi), whicheveroccurs first, if you add only DEX-COOL extended life coolant.

The following explains the cooling system and how to add coolant when it is low. Ifthere is a problem with engine overheating, seeEngine Overheating.

A 50/50-mixture of clean, drinkable water and DEX-COOL coolant will:

Give freezing protection down to ?37°C (?34°F).Give boiling protection up to 129°C (265°F).Protect against rust and corrosion.Help keep the proper engine temperature.Let the warning lights and gauges work as they should.

Notice:Using coolant other than DEX-COOL may cause premature engine, heater core, radiator,and fuel operated heater (van models only) corrosion. In addition, the engine coolantmay require changing sooner, at 50 000 km (30,000 mi) or 24 months, whichever occursfirst. Any repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Always use DEX-COOL(silicate-free) coolantin the vehicle.

What to Use

Use a 50/50 mixture of clean, drinkable water and DEX-COOL coolant which will notdamage aluminum parts. If using this mixture, nothing else needs to be added.

Warning:Adding only plain water or some other liquid to the coolingsystem can be dangerous. Plain water and other liquids, can boilbefore the proper coolant mixture will. The vehicle's coolantwarning system is set for the proper coolant mixture. With plainwater or the wrong mixture, the engine could get too hot but youwould not get the overheat warning. The engine could catch fire andyou or others could be burned. Use a 50/50 mixture of clean,drinkable water and DEX-COOL coolant.

Notice:If an improper coolant mixture is used, the engine couldoverheat and be badly damaged. The repair cost would not be coveredby the vehicle warranty. Too much water in the mixture can freezeand crack the engine, radiator, heater core, and otherparts.

If coolant has to be added more than four times a year, have the dealer check thevehicle cooling system.

Notice:If you use extra inhibitors and/or additives in your vehicle's cooling system, youcould damage your vehicle. Use only the proper mixture of the engine coolant listedin this manual for the cooling system. SeeRecommended Fluids and Lubricants.

Never dispose of engine coolant by putting it in the trash, pouring it on the ground,or into sewers, streams, or bodies of water. Have the coolant changed by an authorizedservice center, familiar with legal requirements regarding used coolant disposal.This will help protect the environment and your health.

Checking Coolant (Pickup Models)

Engine Coolant

The coolant surge tank is located in the engine compartment on the passenger sideof the vehicle. SeeEngine Compartment Overviewfor location.

The coolant surge tank is divided into two sides. The pressurized side (engine side)should be completely full, while the non-pressurized side (fender side) will be significantlylower, depending on the operating temperature.

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