Workshop Repair and Service Manuals GMC SIERRA

Finding a Channel


BAND: Press to switch between AM, FM, or XM™, if equipped.

(Tune): Turn to manually select an XM channel.

SEEK: Press to go to the previous XM channel.

SEEK: Press to go to the next XM channel.

REV: Press to go to the previous XM category.

FWD: Press to go to the next XM category.

FAV (Favorites): Press to select different favorites pages for stored radio stations.

CAT (Category): The CAT button is used to find XM channels when the radio is in the XM mode.

Setting Preset Stations     To store presets: 1. Tune to a radio station. 2. Press and hold one of the six numbered pushbuttons for three seconds until a beep sounds. 3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to store additional radio stations.
Fixed Mast Antenna     The fixed mast antenna can withstand most car washes without being damaged as long as it is securely attached to the base. If the mast becomes slightly bent, straighten it out by hand. If the mast is badly bent, replace it....
Storing an XM Channel as a Favorite     To store a station as a favorite: 1. Tune to an XM channel. 2. Press the FAV button to display the page where the station will be stored. 3. Press and hold one of the six softkeys until a beep sounds. 4. Repeat...
Satellite Radio Antenna     The XM Satellite Radio antenna is located on the roof of the vehicle. Keep the antenna clear of obstructions for clear radio reception. If the vehicle has a sunroof, the performance of the XM system (if equipped) may be...
Storing XM Channels     Drivers are encouraged to store XM channels while the vehicle is parked; see Defensive Driving on page 9?3. Tune to stored radio stations using the presets, favorites button, and steering wheel controls, if the vehicle has...
Cellular Phone Usage     Cellular phone usage may cause interference with the vehicle's radio. This interference may occur when making or receiving phone calls, charging the phone's battery, or simply having the phone on. This interference causes...