Workshop Repair and Service Manuals GMC SIERRA

Fluid Capacity Specifications Automatic






Drain Plug Only– Approximate Capacity



Drop Pan and Filter– Approximate Capacity



Dry Transmission (Empty)– ApproximateCapacity



2-4 Band Servo Piston Pin Length Check Automatic Transmission Unit Trans Band Servos     Special Tools J-330372-4 Intermediate Band Apply Pin Gauge Install the band apply pin-(13) and theJ-33037pin gauge.Install the servo cover retaining ring-(29) tosecure the tool. Apply 11-Y(98-lb-in) torque. If the...
Lubrication Specifications Manual     Lubrication Specifications Application Metric English 5W-30 Synthetic OilP/N-ET-M99 3.5-L 3.7-qt
Transmission Replacement Automatic Transmission Unit - part 3     Refer toTransmission Fluid Cooler Pipe Replacement.Install the transfer case, if equipped. Refer toTransfer Case Assembly Replacement. Perform the following 2-steps if equipped with 2WD:Install the fuel pipe...
Gears and Shafts Cleaning and Inspection Manual     Clean all the components in a suitable solvent and airdry.Inspect the gears for break-in-wear– running-in-wear. Break-in-wear is not considered to bedamage because it usually ceases after therunning-in-period has expired,...
Drive Range Fifth Gear Default Automatic     If the transmission is in 4th, 5th or 6th gear during atransmission electrical component failure, the transmission willdefault to 5th gear. All solenoids will default to their normalstate. If the torque converter clutch was...
High Low Shift Fork Replacement Manual Transmission Assembly Shift Fork     High/Low Shift Fork Replacement Callout Component Name 1 Transfer Case High/Low Shift Fork Pin Note:Drive the pin out using a drift punch and hammer. 2 Transfer Case High/Low Shift Fork Note:Inspect for...