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Overdrive Range Fourth Gear - Torque Converter Clutch Applied Automatic Torque Converter Torque Converter Clutch and Lockup - part 2

This fluid pressure, inaddition to spring force and torque signal fluid pressure,regulates the exhaust of excess accumulator fluid pressure throughthe middle of the valve. This regulation helps control the 2-4 bandapply feel.

Torque Converter Clutch Applies

TCC Solenoid Valve

When operating conditions are appropriate, the PCM energizesthe normally open TCC solenoid valve. This closes the solenoid,blocks the converter feed fluid from exhausting, and createspressure in the converter feed fluid circuit at the converterclutch apply valve and TCC solenoid valve.

Converter Clutch Apply Valve

Converter feed fluid pressure moves the valve against springforce and into the apply position. In this position, release fluidis open to an exhaust port, and regulated apply fluid fills theapply fluid circuit. Converter feed fluid is routed through theconverter clutch apply valve to feed the cooler fluidcircuit.

Torque Converter

Release fluid from behind the pressure plate exhausts throughthe end of the turbine shaft. Apply fluid pressure is routedbetween the converter hub and stator shaft where it enters thetorque converter. This fluid applies the converter clutch againstthe converter cover and keeps the converter filled withfluid.

TCC Apply Checkball (#9)

Release fluid, exhausting from the converter, seats the#9-checkball located in the end of the turbine shaft,and is orificed around the ball. Orificing the exhausting releasefluid controls the converter clutch apply rate, along with theTCC-PWM solenoid valve.

TCC-PWM Solenoid Valve

The torque converter clutch pulse width modulation(TCC-PWM) solenoid valve controls the regulated applyvalve position. This is done through the use of pulse widthmodulation (duty cycle operation). The solenoid duty cycle iscontrolled by the PCM in relation to vehicle operating conditionsand regulates actuator feed limit (AFL) fluid into the CC signalcircuit, through the #9-orifice, and to the isolatorvalve. This controls line pressure flow through the regulated applyvalve, into the regulated apply circuit, and provides a smoothengagement of the TCC.

Overdrive Range, Fourth Gear– TCC Applied

Overdrive Range, Fourth Gear - Torque Converter Clutch Applied Automatic Torque Converter Torque Converter Clutch and Lockup

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