Workshop Repair and Service Manuals GMC SIERRA

Rear Output Shaft Seal Replacement


Rear Output Shaft Seal Replacement

Rear Output Shaft Seal Replacement


Component Name

Caution:Do not damage the sealing surfaces of the transfer cases orthe shafts when prying the seals for removal. Damaging the sealingsurface may cause leakage or require replacement of the damagedcomponent.

Preliminary Procedure

Remove the rear propeller shaft. Refer toOne-Piece Propeller Shaft ReplacementorTwo-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement.


Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal

ProcedureInsert a flat bladed tool between the metal inner and metal outer portions of theseal.Pry upward in multiple locations working the metal inner portion of the seal off theshaft until removed.Once the inner metal portion is removed, insert a flat bladed tool between the outerdiameter metal flange of the seal and the housing.Drive the flat bladed tool inward in multiple locations, the outer portion of theseal will be distorted and can easily be removed from the housing.Install the seal using J-8092 Driver Handle and DT-50649 Front Output Shaft Seal Installer.Special ToolsDT-48021 Seal InstallerGE-8092 Drive Handle
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