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Theft Deterrent Alarm Package Installation - part 3     Secure with a tie strap. maximum to minimum sensitivity The Shock Sensor shold be mounted with the WHITE adjustment knob positioned towardthe floor for easy access and tuning the sensitivity level.Arm the vehicle’s content...
Electrical Power Management Description and Operation (Gasoline)     The electrical power management is used to monitor andcontrol the charging system and alert the driver of possibleproblems within the charging system. The electrical powermanagement system makes the most efficient use of the...
Theft Deterrent Alarm Package Installation     Installation Instructions Part Number 19169630 The vehicle must have the keyless entry option (&AU0), (AP3), (AP8) and DIC (&UK3)or the GM accessory DIC switch package for this security system. Otherwise, it doesnot have the...
Front Seat Heater Kit Installation - part 4     Refer to Splicing Copper Wire Using Splice Sleevesin Vehicle Service Manual. Reassemble junction block cover and wire tie-(1) accessory harness-(2) to existingvehicle wiring, away from park brake mechanism, securing it out...
Fuses     Fuse Location The bi-fuel system has two fuses that are part of the engine compartment wiring harness.Both fuses are in a plastic holder that is mounted inside the engine compartment,near the accessory battery tray.
09-08-45-003E Installation of Electrical Aftermarket Accessories on 2-Mode Hybrid Full Size Trucks - (Jun 21 2012) - part 5     The ignition is controlled through either a single relay(RPO WRJ) or dual relays (RPO WRK). Chassis ground can also be accessed at both the front compartment and rear cargo areafuse blocks. Accessing Power and Ground from the...