Workshop Repair and Service Manuals GMC SIERRA

Using Softkeys to Play a DVD-V (Video)


Once a DVD-V is inserted, the radio display menu shows several tab options for playback. Press the softkey located under any tab option during DVD-V playback.

(Play/Pause): Press either the Play or Pause tab displayed on the radio, to toggle between pausing or restarting playback of a DVD.

If the forward arrow is showing on the display, the system is in pause mode. If the Pause tab is showing on the display, the system is in playback mode. If the DVD screen is off, press the play button to turn the screen on.

Some DVDs begin playing after the previews have finished, although there could be a delay of up to 30 seconds. If the DVD does not begin playing the movie automatically, press the softkey located under the play/pause symbol tag displayed on the radio.

If the DVD still does not play, refer to the on-screen instructions, if available.

(Stop): Press to stop playing, rewinding, or fast forwarding a DVD.

(Enter): Press to select the choices that are highlighted in any menu.

(Menu): Press to access the DVD menu. The DVD menu is different on every DVD. Use the softkeys located under the navigation arrows to navigate the cursor through the DVD menu. After making a selection press this button. This button only operates when using a DVD.

Nav (Navigate): Press to display directional arrows for navigating through the menus.

(Return): Press to exit the current active menu and return to the previous menu. This button operates only when a DVD is playing and a menu is active.

The rear seat passenger can navigate the DVD-V and DVD-A menus and controls through the remote control. See “Remote Control” under Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) System on page 7?38 for more information. The video screen automatically turns on when the DVD-V is inserted into the DVD slot, and does not automatically power on when the DVD-A is inserted into the DVD slot.

It must be manually turned on by the rear seat occupant through the remote control power button.

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